Welcome to Beyond The Shadows Paranormal Investigators

"Everything we see is 

A shadow cast by that

Which we do not see"

About Us

Searching for answers

At Beyond The Shadows Paranormal Investigators we aim to capture on our ghost hunt's concrete evidence that the AFTERLIFE  is very much ALIVE and ACTIVE and trying to communicate with us the LIVING. 

Myself and my husband have been fascinated with the paranormal for the past 15 years and have always watched shows like MOST HAUNTED and GHOST ADVENTURES with mixed reviews so we decided to take part and go on a GHOST HUNT with a local paranormal investigation team. We loved it and got the bug for it from the first night, we have since been on numerous investigations with several ghost hunting team's and have always enjoyed the experience.

Over the past 12 months we have talked about and finally decided to go about setting up our very own Paranormal Investigation team which we are now proud to share with you the public.

If you are interested in the paranormal and you've ever wanted to try ghost hunting then we hope you choose to join us on one of our investigation's but more importantly our journey to prove that there is something out there Beyond The Shadows


Lead investigator at Beyond The Shadows Paranormal Investigators 

Our Testimony

At Beyond The Shadows Paranormal Investigators we make it our priority to make sure anyone attending our investigations feels welcomed by us and has a fun and friendly evening whilst also capturing unquestionable proof of the paranormal. We pride ourselves on the fact that anything anybody experiences or encounters on the night is 100% GENUINE and NOTHING is staged.

We always begin and end in prayer on every investigation for the protection and well being of anyone at the event as well as everyone's loved ones in this world and the spirit world. 

Unfortunately due to the fact that everything is 100% genuine there will always be a risk that you may have a long quiet night with us although this just adds to the proof that nothing is staged. We strongly believe that if everyone attending our investigations comes with the right positive attitude then the spirits should come out to play.

Tina & Shaun Orme